Volunteer at the Library

22 Sep

Last night for the first time I volunteered at the library. We have a big book sale coming up so our job is to sort through all the donations.

Now, if you know the joy of opening a bookbox, imagine the joy of opening over 100 bookboxs! All of them filled with treasures! (Okay, we have some Harlequin, and enough Chicken Soup to make you sick.)
When they first introduced me to the work, I politely asked them what to do if, er, just in case, I find something interesting. The lady told me that I am free to choose five books and extra ones will be $1 each. 30 seconds into my work, I found Nickeled and Dimed. I steathly put it next to my belonging, my pleasure mingled with guilt and embarrassment. Then I found more. And more. However, I should realize that most everybody’s pile of finds are bigger than mine. In fact, some veterans came with those wheeled crates housewives use for shopping.

I hadn’t had so much fun in a long while. I also found some stuff from the discards (books too dated, or damaged for sale)(which you are free to take as many as you like). Including some schoolbooks which would be great for my M bag to
Africa.So I went home, with a big box of books, and announced to my husband that every Thursday I will be volunteering at the library. (Well, hoping that they won’t soon declare there are no more books to sort.)

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