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I feel lucky whenever I glance at a clock or something and catch a special number. Like, looking at a watch and seeing my birthday. Or the other day my CD player said Track 22, 2:22. I would think, today is a lucky day!

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The other day I told my husband that, in the morning, when I opened the garage door, there was this snake staring right at me. It’s like my third encounter with it. My husband said he’s seen it before as well.

“Well, it sounds like it lives here,” I said. “Guess it deserves a pet name?”

So Michael named it Fan. He said there is a snake shop in Macau named Snake King Fan. In Hong Kong, all snake shops are named Snake King ___, the blank filled with whatever name the owner is. And least you don’t know, a snake shop is not where you buy your pet reptile. The shop do sell them, but as food. Meat or prepared dishes, to be exact, as they don’t expect you to try butchering that at home.

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