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What Tarepanda I am?

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Posted by on March 28, 2007 in Anime/Manga/Toy


Glass no Kamen


I am totally enamoured by Adachi Yumi, the girl who played Maya in the TV series of Glass no Kamen.  She is just so talented as an actress. 

purple rose

Okay, I admit that the plot is rather pitiful at times, it makes you laugh.  I ended up as well trained as Pavlov’s dog that, when the melodramatic theme song drums up, my eyes will start to well up.  The mother is dying… The brother is dying… they walk on the same street but miss each other… two people in love but the stars are all misaligned… cry, oh cry, what a sad story…


I wish I read the manga when I got a chance to.  The series has been around for decades.  When I was still in school, my friend recommended it.  However, I didn’t like the artstyle – so 60s. I still don’t like the artstyle now, but at least now I love the TV series enough to be able to swallow that and try to enjoy the plot. 

helen keller

Alas, I no longer have such free access to the manga. My friend still has the whole series, all the way in Vancouver.  And the shipping cost is just not worth it for me to borrow it.  When I visited her, I attempted to read the series there.  But we are talking about a long, long series.  And it seems stupid to go on a vacation to be couped up in a room reading 30 years old manga.  At least, I should be reading newer stuff. Like the Heavy Metal Alchemist which my friend literally shoved on me. Unsuccessfully, I may add.  When I told her I didn’t enjoy the manga, she told me the animation is better.  When I saw it on Cartoon Network and still didn’t quite like it, she told me the original Japanese version is better.  So hope is still out there.

purple roses 

Anyway, all I have in my procession is three volumes, given to me by a Japanese friend when I was an exchange student in the country.  It is really good, she said, and apologized that she didn’t get the whole series for me.  However, I was still turned off by the artwork that I left it unread, all these years.  Until I came upon the TV series. Thankfully I can read it online.

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Cookie Get Well Soon!

68-8-06Grand Cookie, my brother’s Pomeranian, was not feeling too great lately. An advanced age of 16, he has been in relatively good health though his eyesight has gotten very weak. Last year when I was back in
Hong Kong to visit my parents, I took him for a walk. He had a great time, and trotted proudly in the lead, never showing sign of fatigue. Because of his eyes, he was blissfully ignorant of other dogs nearby. One lady commented how well trained Cookie was and I laughed, he isn’t well trained, he just doesn’t hold any dogs in his eyes!Anyway, according to my mom, the last few days Cookie wasn’t acting right. He kept shaking his head, couldn’t walk straight, and bumped into everything. They took him to the vet. Best case scenario, an ear infection or something that affected his sense of balance. Worst case scenario, a brain tumor. He got really sick, just lying there, not moving, not eating.

My mom called me on Sat and left a message on my cell. I feared that she was to break some bad news to me. But Cookie has gotten better miraculously. He is now walking around, still blind as a bat and bumping everyway he could. My mom however didn’t give him any slack, and insisted that he has to go to the proper toilet spot for his business and somehow Cookie makes it after a few mishaps. Wow. Michael said so much for the saying of can’t teach old dog new trick. So, he is eating fine, pooping fine, and even peeing with one leg up.

My mom told me that Saan, my brother’s friend, is going vegetarian for Cookie. I said in surprise, I just started that too!! I just made a vow to go totally vegetarian, no regression, for a month on Grand Cookie’s behalf. Also to say 108 Medicine Buddha chants each day. Though some days I got so sleepy I lost count…

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