Anime Supercon

15 Apr

It’s been a long while since I attended an anime con.  Usually if I go,  90% of the time I would look at something and thought, I can get it a lot less in Hong Kong or Taiwan!  So it just doesn’t make sense for me to pay $ to spend even more $$ to buy something I can get for less. 

However, my friend Wendy happened to mention that she needs volunteers for her booth, as she was hosting several panels at the event.  Her generous offer to lend me her costume, plus the chance to visit the convention free, were definitely enough incentives.

Here are some pics from the event.

It’s this super kawaii?!  Hand made, stitch by stitch, by Wendy.   This little guy was adopted by a guy in Yaoi T shirt.  If you want one, visit

Boy was she popular with the guys.  A very nice hand made costume.  I guess I’ll like cosplay more if I were better with my needlework!

Cute Gothic Lolita and Lolita. 



The moment I saw him (actually it’s a her) I was like, I wanted a picture!

Cute Gothic Lolita

And a girl in cute Gothic Lolita dress. : )  Thanks Wendy!

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