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Eunuch Museum?

I was browsing through a bunch of guidebooks for the upcoming trip to China.  and found that there is a tomb for a very prominent royal eunuch in the Ming Dynasty.  Next to it was a museum about eunuch.  Hmmm… I wonder who would be interested?  Or even if they were, would they make the suggestion? 

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Godiva from Lush Rocks!!

godiva shampoo

This is one great product from Lush!! It smells so lovely, a burst of jasmine flowers taking over the whole room.  I don’t mean the bathroom, I mean the whole suite!  And it stays there the whole day.  We don’t even need air freshener, it’s so powerful.  So fresh and refreshing, and it smells like the real stuff, not some artificial concoction.  Okay, it’s made from the real stuff, that’s why.  It makes you wonder how anybody could be happy with those pharmacy store stuff.  You feel sorry for those folks who don’t know better. 

My hubby was like, when are we going to Lush again? Can we go next weekend? And we are talking about a four hour drive here.  He was simply adament that Godiva would be part of his life from now on…

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Party Pooper in Japanese?

So, a group of us, real Japaneses and Nippophiles, went to dinner together.   After the dinner, some of us continued on to karaoke, but I decided to head back, feeling a bit tired.  Shiro exclaimed, Party Pooper!! which led us to a debate of the translation of party pooper in Japanese. We reached the conclusion that there are no party poopers in Japan.

The ones who will continue on the party will say something like “Zannen desu ne, oh what a pity you couldn’t make it.  I hope you can make it next time. Please have a safe drive home.”

And the one who’s not going will keep apologizing, saying he’s really sorry he couldn’t make it and promising to come along next time. 

This will go back and forth for 15 minutes until both parties, feeling that they’ve done their obligations, part way.

Sou kashira?

ETA: Checked with Sayuri my Japanese hair stylist.  She said it’s called “Noriki ga Warui”, when a group is going somewhere and someone is not going along.

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Cookie in tux!

Calvin wedding

The doggies in Calvin’s wedding photo.  It took quite a bit of effort to find the tux.  We called long distance, did a bit of online search, went around the local stores, then finally ordered online to be shipped to my cousin who expressed the two doggies tux to him. 

The photographer is quite good.  Now I want another set of wedding pics!

(Actually, let me rephrase about the photographer part.  Apparently my brother and his girlfriend was totally unhappy.  On seeing the pics a second time I realized why.  The photographer was great at composition, stylish and modern.  But he forgot the most important thing about photographing brides: make her look good.  Make her look the most beautiful woman in the world.  In short, he captures nice looking pics, with less than perfect looking people. )

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Shambala Preserve

ZeusPatrick the LigerI was reading the book Rescued, about the pets and animals that suffered in Hurricane Katrina. The book mentioned the Shambala Preserve, a haven for exotic big cats who were abandoned by zoos, circuses or individual pet owners who no longer wanted to care for them and are too domesticated to be released back into wildlife.

Patrick the LigerThis is Patrick, a liger, which means a cross between a lion and a tiger,  Interesting strip!

ZeusAnd this is my favorite, Zeus, with his untamed mane.  If I were to sponsor a big cat he would be mine!!

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The Dalai Lama’s blog

Bookcrosser Therubycanary is looking for books donation in Nepal.  I was putting together an M Bag for her, when I out of curiosity click on her livejournal link.  And right there among her friends is the Dalai Lama!!

I am totally in awe to imagine counting a world known figure as a friend on your blog… I suppose His Highness won’t reject me as a friend, but that awe factor is just so… sorry but I am still speechless…

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