Party Pooper in Japanese?

17 May

So, a group of us, real Japaneses and Nippophiles, went to dinner together.   After the dinner, some of us continued on to karaoke, but I decided to head back, feeling a bit tired.  Shiro exclaimed, Party Pooper!! which led us to a debate of the translation of party pooper in Japanese. We reached the conclusion that there are no party poopers in Japan.

The ones who will continue on the party will say something like “Zannen desu ne, oh what a pity you couldn’t make it.  I hope you can make it next time. Please have a safe drive home.”

And the one who’s not going will keep apologizing, saying he’s really sorry he couldn’t make it and promising to come along next time. 

This will go back and forth for 15 minutes until both parties, feeling that they’ve done their obligations, part way.

Sou kashira?

ETA: Checked with Sayuri my Japanese hair stylist.  She said it’s called “Noriki ga Warui”, when a group is going somewhere and someone is not going along.

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Posted by on May 17, 2007 in Asia


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