The Very First BookCrossing Meetup in Hong Kong!

30 Jun

History was made as a group of BookCrossers met on June 13, 2007 for the very first BookCrossing Meetup in Hong Kong.  Present was Macaufan,  ktp28, Azuki, Wandering-B and her daughters Meghan and Caitlyn (a fine example indeed for her young daughters about the fun of meeting strangers met online). 

We met at The Tiffin Lounge at Grand Hyatt Hotel for its dessert buffet.  Ahh, does it get any better to share your favorite books over a grand marnier souffle?

Lots of books were traded, lots of calories ingested.  Unfortunately, watakeet and Modern-Goddess couldn’t make it.  Ktp28 is hoping to schedule the next meetup around September.  Anybody interested, please let him know!!

BC Meetup

HK BC LabelHK BC LabelHK BC Label

This is a label I made for the ocassion.  For the Chinese name of BookCrossing, I posted a little contest on Yahoo Knowledge and among the six or so entries, Watakeet and I liked shu you ji the best.  So that’s the unofficial Chinese name of BookCrossing.  Or official until Scott says otherwise!


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