Chi Lan Nunnery

12 Jul

It was a few years back I saw a picture of the nunnery in a magazine.  This place looks beautiful, I thought.  Then later, whenever I mentioned to my mom that I would like to visit the place, she would tell me that she heard it is a very beautiful place.  A Buddhist friend of mine told me that she wishes to live in the elderly home there when she gets old. 

Once I got there it is not hard to see why.  As Sherra, who went with me, said, once you step inside, you felt your heartbeat slowed.  Beyond the door, heavy traffic bustles by, the air is heavy with exhaust and heat.  However, once you cross the door, you enter another world. 

temple entrance

The nunnery is newly rebuilt, and you can tell.  The architectual style, however, is not.  It is based on the building style and technique of the Tang dynasty, around 8th century.   Not a nail or screw was used in its construction, but rather dowels.  As Tang dynasty is  the period that the Japanese studied from the most, the structure feels very Japanese Zen. 




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