Photo Stickers

19 Jul

I’ll admit I am a sucker for photo stickers.  The phenomenon never quite caught on in the U.S. as it did in Asia several years back, but I was just obsessed with these things, feeding in coins after coins like a crazed gambler in front of a slot machine.  Esepcially when, in the earlier models, there is no take-two.   One of my friends had commented, somewhat perplexed, I could have a bunch of much nicer pictures Photoshop’ed at home, AT NO COST.  I would go, yes, you are right, why am I wasting good money…

Anyway, in Hangzhou, I came across a photo sticker booth in a plaza (Hangzhou Fashion Market) across from the Hangzhou Bus Station.  Addicts never win out…

It was FUN.  I went inside one of the booths.  The girl gave me the remote, and I started posing and clicking.  Don’t like it? Just delete it. Smile. Click. Next. Pout. Click. Delete. Smile. Look this way. Click Look that way. Click…

Photo Sticker

And it only cost 2 RMB. For ten shots, unlimited retake. Plus 1 for a sparkly matte lamination.  You could blow up some of your favorites, make them into key chains, posters, hanging scrolls (which unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t have time for.)  That turns out to be less than 50 cents USD.  Wow. That’s the best cheap thrill 50 cents can buy.

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Posted by on July 19, 2007 in Asia, photos, Travel


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