Weird Food in China

19 Jul

Okay, I suppose no traveler to China can refrain from talking about the weird food they eat there.   Even for someone used to werid food like I am.

Bunny Marshmallow

Starting with something very benign.  Just cute, fluffy, little marshmallows shaped like bunnies.


Next level up.  I pulled my friends’ legs and said it’s a cocoon, but it’s really a candy.  Coconut, sesame and sugar wrapped in spun sugar. It’s called dragon beard candy and is a childhood favorite of mine, though it’s hardly found on the streets of Hong Kong anymore.  It has to be eaten fresh or the “beard” dries up and hardens.   I was delighted to find them all over Hangzhou but didn’t see them at all in Beijing.

Now ready?

Yuck food

Scorpions, centipedes, lizards and what not found on the night market of Hangzhou.  The same street we found those delicious cocoons.

Marc, Raul and I were actually quite hungry at that point, having found nothing to eat except a Dairy Queen which we refused.  And there is a limit to how many cocoons I could take as a prelude to a real meal.   The kabob place did have more ordinary offerings such as beef or lamb kabobs, but the guys didn’t feel like their food sharing the grill with bugs and pests.  We saw a McDonald’s, decided to go hungry instead, and finally stumbled upon an alley with lots of normal food. Normal relatively anyway. Raul had a bamboo rice, which is rice and other ingredients stuffed inside a bamboo and steamed, Marc had something with duck blood, and I had a dan dan noodle.

Dog Meat

This is a pack of five spiced dog meat sold on the train.


Saw this at Wangfujian. Ehm… Hey, give me one strawberry w kiwi and one scorpion.  Yup, dip both in chocolate please… Not that I would order cut fruit on the street, but uhm…   Wangfujian is the place to go to for weird food – they have even more variety – starfish kabob, snake kabob… although you don’t see any locals eating them.  They were all happily munching on normal food.  I suspect the fear-factor food are just there to attract tourists.   That said, they have plenty of offerings to fill any stomach, even a vegetarian one. 

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