How to Paddle Dragon Boat Hong Kong Style

30 Jul

1. Unlimited booze and cigarette is crucial for good performance.  In fact, it is encouraged that you keep smoking and drinking till the boat takes off.  People will throw cans at you to make sure you remain hydrated.

2. Just grab a paddle and pick your seat.  Get onto the boat whichever way you like.  Climb the ladder down, jump into the water and haul yourself up, step on from another boat…

3. If you need to pee, just take a one minute swim.

4.  Plenty of food between heats.  Roasted pig, stir-fried crabs, BBQ duck, chicken, spring rolls, wanton soup, fish… and a big bowl of rice or noodle. After EVERY race.

5. If you need to back paddle, just turn around, move your butt onto the seat in front of you and start paddle forward facing the tail.

6. The trophy makes a nice beer mug as the metal keeps the beer cold…

7. Bailer is useful for splashing water onto other teams.  5 gallon buckets are preferrable.  Weapon of choice is a 1.5″ hose (from the pump that is working overduty to empty the boat of water being dumped into our own boat). 

We all agree that we should bring some of  these great traditions back to Miami.

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Posted by on July 30, 2007 in Asia, Dragon Boat, Travel


One response to “How to Paddle Dragon Boat Hong Kong Style

  1. boat_dragon

    December 6, 2007 at 8:33 am

    You did have a very detail observation for HK fisherman paddlers 🙂


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