Chaiwan Race

04 Aug

The Chaiwan Race was held on June 17th Sunday.  This race was considerably bigger.


Men in Pink 

Soon after arrival, we saw this team of “Men in Pink” warming up.  It looks like the yoga dog posture? 


No festivities for Chinese can be without food.  Every time we turned around there was more food on the table. From fried rice, roasted duck, wonton soup, to on-the-spot stirred fried crabs, to exotics like beef tongue and pig ear, they ensured that paddlers were well fed.  Added to that unlimited booze. Yes, some paddlers got onto boat with a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette in another, determined to be fueled to the brim for top performance. 

50 men boat


The long boats seats 50 paddlers, and the head was decorated with calamus and other grass (traditionally gathered by a virgin boy but I heard not anymore).  These teak wood boats were crafted by the fishermen themselves and weigh a lot, but they cut through water like a sword.  As such a long boat is hard to turn around, backing up is done by paddlers switching directions instead. 

Broken Paddle 

A Broken Paddle. We saw quite a few.  But hey at HKD 20 each (USD 2.50) they are priced like disposables…

our cup

Well, here’s our cup!


Call me naive but I never knew that this is the correct use of the cup until our Hong Kong friends demonstrated to us.  Keeps beer pretty cool too.

Raymond and Sum


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