Mango Strunt Festival

03 Jan

Went to the Mango Strut Festival in Coconut Grove last Sunday.   Held at the last Sunday of the year, it’s a parade that ‘put the “nut” in Coconut Grove’, as participants plays satire to news events of the year.  It is a really relaxing and fun event, typical South Florida style.

There was a guy wearing a mask of George Bush, with “assistants” offering shoes for the audience to throw at him.  The lady next to us must really hate Bush, as she threw the shoes three times.  They all missed though.   That poor Bush guy must be hurting all over after the parade, considered the number of shoes thrown his way.  There was a sign though saying “Not Worth My Marolos!”  There was Uncle Sam went around giving out bailout money, killer tomatoes offering poisonouse salsa, a “Mother Earth” hobbling with IV trailing, and a “economy” wheeling around crippled in a wheel chair.  Palin made a really popular appearance, with First Dude and a moose.  The Illinois Govenor was also present in an attempt to sell a chair; Joe the plumber, along with Josephine, Joanne and all the plumbers marched down the street doing a number with their toilet plungers like bartons.

As my camera ran out of battery,  I didn’t get to take many pictures, but here is a Youtube video that captures the good time really well:

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Posted by on January 3, 2009 in Florida


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