Mystery of a Dead Snake

03 Apr

Digging through my posts, it was back in 2006 that we found a snake in our garage. 
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My mom had gone all concerned when I told her over the phone about the snake. 

“It’s too dangerous!!  You need to kill it!”

Honestly, I don’t see ourselves turning over the whole place looking for a snake.  I am sure it would have slithered out of our way long before we could find it.  

Then a few days ago, I went outside the house to put the garbage out.  On my way back I saw… a snake!  A whole length of snake lying there right by our entrance.   My heart skipped a beat.  Then I looked closer as the snake didn’t moved.  And this is what I found:

Our dead snake

Our dead snake

As you can tell (if you dare to look closely) the head is smashed flat.

It appears that our garage door had hit it on its way down.  When I somberly broke the news to my husband, we agreed that it was a most unusal way for the snake to die.  For one thing, our garage door is slow.  My hubby can hit the button at the far end of the garage, then *walk* to the door side, bend slightly and walk out of the garage.  And I can assure that he doesn’t do stunt as a part time job.  No Hollywood style rolling under the narrowing gap as the door thunders down.   We would certainly expect that a little snake would easily make it to safety.

My mom, the disagreeing type, insists that our car had rolled over the snake, though I would say, looking at exhibit A, the evidence doesn’t support the theory.   She did suggest though, that as murderers, we should say some prayers and go on a fast.

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