Wall-E Munches on Corn on Cob

24 May

Unlike many pets I know, Wall-E doesn’t really care too much about human food. So far he has only munched on a grape I gave him, most of the time he just ran away as if I were trying to poison him.

So it was a surprise when I was eating a corn-on-cob (they are in season now and on sale at any supermarket, in case you don’t know) and Wall-E flew over and tried a nibble when I offered him the corn. I would expect him to run away, as usually my birds do when presented with a very, very huge piece of food.

He totally loved the corn. I was able to snap a whole bunch of photos, though it gave me cramps to have him sit on my right hand, in which I also held the corn, while snapping pictures with my left (and cameras aren’t designed for lefties). I tried letting him stand on the table but he won’t, and I tried having him stand on my left hand so at least I could shoot with my right. But I suppose some religious rule forbids him from eating from the left hand.

Anyway, here’re the pics!

And this one is so darn cute, like he has a mole on his nose!

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Posted by on May 24, 2009 in Animals, photos



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