Kasou Taishou

10 Jun

Stumbled upon one of the videos on Youtube and ended up totally hooked. These are short skits performed by amateurs (sometimes the reactions of the performers are better than the performance itself), from students to housewives to people of different professions, in the art of imitating something using props and their body. Many of them employ the use of stagehands, clothed in (invisible) black as used in kabuki performance.  (Though when I first saw them in a kabuki, I found myself watching those supposedly sleathy men in black  more than the performers themselves.)

This one is amazing…

Atsui (Hot)

Massage Chair

A lovely one

The reason my girlfriend got mad at me
(midway through the performance, the guy asked, why was she so mad? and the scene rewinds itself to show the reason. Very original!)

This is a medley of 30 years worth of award winners. Kind of wish to see the full version.

This is another collection. A bit sorry for the kid in superman. The girl with the head is amazing, and the Laundry in the Wind is my favorite, with both skill and humor.

This is one that makes one thinks: Crazy Japanese: Skiing

If you’ve watched Shaolin Soccer you’d love this. If you haven’t, this is the trailer, and you pretty much and find the rest of the movie following the related links.

And if you’ve ever played Super Mario, you’d love this too.

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Posted by on June 10, 2009 in Anime/Manga/Toy, Asia


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