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My Favorite Tote

Have been wanting this since I first saw it.  The cutest tote I’ve yet seen.  What’s keeping me?  The price… especially when I have been getting free reusable totes left and right, I wonder why I should be paying over $20 for one.  Because the cartoon is brilliant, of course.   I always like Angry Little Girls, since it s beginning as Angry Little Asian Girl.  And one day when I get a big fat paycheck I may just decide to spurge on that…

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My Thanksgiving Turkey

Meet my turkey, Rhonda:

Rhonda, my turkey
Rhonda, My Happy Turkey

Yup, my turkey has a name.  I “adopted” her at Farm Sanctuary, a beautiful haven for abused farm animals that have the luck to be rescued.  I’ve visited their farm at New York and it’s truly paradise like.  It has been my Thanksgiving  tradition (about the only tradition I have) for a few years. 

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