Mame Shiba

09 Dec

Just discovered a series of cute commercials from Japan called Mameshiba.  The name means trivia knowledge and each episode features a very adorable bean or pea with puppy face: green pea, peanut, natto, edamame, coffee bean, jelly beans…  As the person is about to eat the bean/pea, the cute face pops up and disclose a trivia knowledge, totally ruining the eater’s appetite.  Facts like, did you know that a squid has three hearts?  Or that a flamingo’s milk is pink?  Or when you kiss millions of bateria are transferred between mouths?  Or that a koala’s appendix is two meters long.   Some unappertizing fact best discussed at another time, and the fact that your food starts talking to you… is enough t turn any face blue. 

This version here has been subtitled, and you can find more related videos on the side bar.

So very charming.  I was even considering getting a little edamame shiba cellphone charm.

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Posted by on December 9, 2009 in Anime/Manga/Toy, Asia


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