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Bambu Got a New Shell!

I have Bambu since hurricane Wilma, which was summer 2005. While he had molted a few times he had never changed his shell. All my other hermit crabs didn’t take that long to upgrade their houses. I was a bit concerned, but I had plenty of suitable shells for him and there wasn’t much I could do. I guess he just liked his shell too much.

But today when I looked into the tank, at first I couldn’t spot him. Then I spotted him in a new shell!!

This shell has been lying around for a while so it’s unexpected that he decided to move in after all. Bambu just had a molt about less than a month ago and he did emerge a little bigger, so I guess it’s finally time for a bigger living space.

Here’s some pics of Bambu in his old shell, the old shell he came in when I got him.

This photo was taken in April.

August 2009.

Bambu enjoys getting an upside down view of the world.

The new shell makes him look a lot bigger. And I suppose he likes strip patterns…

ETA: Well, turns out Bambu just want a mini getaway. He changed back to his old shell after a few hours. Sigh. I hope it’s not me picking him up that freaked him out of the shell… although if that’s the case, he’d have changed shells aplenty by now…

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Cedric and Tintin

My brother just sent this cute photo of his son and his poodle.

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Tomato Asian Rice Noodles (Azuki’s Cooking Series #4)

When I showed this picture on the camera to my husband, he thought it was tuna. So maybe I can name this vegetarian tuna noodle?

Anyway, it was just something I cooked up one afternoon with what I can rummage in my fridge. I have a bit of Thai basil left so I made a Vietnamese-inspired pho-style noodle dish. You can use the rice vermicelli instead and make it a “bun” style dish instead, which is great for summer. Slices of tofu can be added too. Whatever you have in the fridge!!

1. Cook and drain Vietnamese flat rice noodle (I am still trying to find a good brand, so let me know if you have recommendation).
2. While noodle is cooking, cut tomato into chunks, slice onion, wash spinach.
3. Heat oil in a pan. I found some lemongrass and Thai basil in my fridge so I add them to the pan and stir fry a bit for the fragrance to come out.
4. Next saute onion. Then add tomato and spinach.
5. Use a saucepan to prepare broth. I use vegetable soup base. A mushroom based boullion works great. Another one I found recently and really like is Edward & Sons. ( The vegetable stock I find in the U.S. are often flavored with celery, parsley and the like, and often doesn’t work well with Asian dishes. The ones in oriental grocery stores are usually made with mushroom and kombu, but while the flavor works, they often have MSG and other additives.
6. Put noodles in a bowl, arrange vegetables on top.
7. Slice some garlic and fried till crispy. Put on top.
8. Crush some peanuts with mortar and pestle, sprinkle on top.
9. Add hot broth to the noodle. Ready to serve.
(10. You can add a little fish sauce for seasoning if you’re not vegetarian.)

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