Bambu Got a New Shell!

27 Jul

I have Bambu since hurricane Wilma, which was summer 2005. While he had molted a few times he had never changed his shell. All my other hermit crabs didn’t take that long to upgrade their houses. I was a bit concerned, but I had plenty of suitable shells for him and there wasn’t much I could do. I guess he just liked his shell too much.

But today when I looked into the tank, at first I couldn’t spot him. Then I spotted him in a new shell!!

This shell has been lying around for a while so it’s unexpected that he decided to move in after all. Bambu just had a molt about less than a month ago and he did emerge a little bigger, so I guess it’s finally time for a bigger living space.

Here’s some pics of Bambu in his old shell, the old shell he came in when I got him.

This photo was taken in April.

August 2009.

Bambu enjoys getting an upside down view of the world.

The new shell makes him look a lot bigger. And I suppose he likes strip patterns…

ETA: Well, turns out Bambu just want a mini getaway. He changed back to his old shell after a few hours. Sigh. I hope it’s not me picking him up that freaked him out of the shell… although if that’s the case, he’d have changed shells aplenty by now…

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