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As Bambu is on his own now, I decided that I need to get him some new companions. When the shipment arrived, I first brought it over to another HCA member’s house, and we happily opened the box and took the crabs out one by one.

First of, this is my friend’s new jumbo Indo, checking out his new home, and eyeing the pretty shell there:

jumbo indo

When I take my crabs out from the bags, one of the Strawberries decided to hold on to me REAL HARD. I’ve never got pinched before, and even when my crabs pinched me when I lifted them up, once I let them onto solid ground, they would release the grip. But not this little guy. He is a Rottweiler. We tried inserting pins, scrap papers, and he would just hold on. My friend was like, wow you are so amazing, you didn’t cry out or anything. Until I noticed that he was munching on me!! He held on to me with his big pincher, and was picking up my flesh with his little one! Suddenly it became very painful. Karma payback time for all the crab legs I ate at buffets…Didn’t even need to wait for reincarnation!

But I guess those poor guys must be really traumatized. Imagine enjoyng an ordinary day, then got snatched up and put into a potato sack… then a lot of bumping around and not knowing what’s going on. You would expect some mafia when the sack opens up, right?


This is the fesity little man eating monster. His pincher looks a little white.


He is not shy at all!!

I had originally thought of another name for him but when I looked at him in the tank, he looked very much like an empanada… so I decided to call him that.


For those who are not familiar with empanadas, they are South American fried dumplings that are usually filled with meat, cheese, or spinach.

This is my other Strawberry, who’s a bit shyer. As yet nameless as the original name, which comes as a pair to Empanada’s original name, no longer works.

jumbo indo

Here he is with the new E, Sesame, who’s probably looking for Bambu. Bambu, bambu where are thou? I hope he is well, it’s been over a week. I hope he won’t be traumatized when he digs himself out and see all the changes.

And here’s my Blueberry Namu!!


He won’t let go of the comfortable blanket… It was part of the bag he came in, and I cut a corner out as I got tired of waiting fo him to release his grip.

But once I put him into the tank, he was happy enough to let go of it immediately. He found a cashew nut in the food dish, and held it up in his pincher instead. It was kind of a neat picture, holding up a cashew half, although I didn’t get to snatch a picture as he was kind of hidden, and I know any movement from me would make him drop it.

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Join the Read-a-thon!


I’ve signed up for the Read-A-Thon which will be held on October 9th!

I am so excited. This will be the first time I’m doing it. There have been talks about it on BookObsessed, but back in April the timing was bad so I couldn’t join. I am stacking up the books I plan to read on that day already. Short, easy titles… fantasy, YA… and maybe I will include a thick tome so as not to feel like I am cheating. I don’t know how much time I will dedicate to the challenge but I do plan on eating, sleeping, showering, and not totally ignoring my hubby and my pets. Or try not to. I have given him ample warning already so he would be prepared to feed himself and me as well!

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Found a great Middle Eastern restaurant in North Miami Beach!

After practice at Oleta Park, two starving people drove over to the strip mall across the street in search for food. Hiro’s and Outback are institutions there, plus a few other options: little restaurants which keep opening and closing ever so often. We chanced upon Kabobji, which is right next to the bubble tea place, and glad we did! Food was excellent, so much better than Pasha or Daily Bread, or any of the Middle Eastern place I’ve tried here. I am not an expert on Middle Eastern food so I can’t claim it as the most authentic, but for me it’s definitely the tastiest.

The atmosphere is casual, though decoration is not spartan, adorned with pictures of Beirut and other curios. Great fo us coming over from Oleta Park, sweaty and dirty.

I got the veggio trio, an amazing value at $5.99. It’s a wrap wth hummus, falafel and tabouleh salad. At most other places I’d have to choose one or the other, but now I have all I want in one wrap! The falafel’s crunchiness and the tabouleh’s fresness elevate this wrap to a heavenly level! Enjoyed every single bite of it and still dreaming of it once in a while. The meat wraps are $6.99 or less and a good price also.

We also got a cezve of turkish coffee for $5, enough for two with refills. The coffee has a hint of cardamom but not sweetened. Nice finish to the satisfying meal. I was tempted to flip the cup of ground onto the saucer to see what my future beholds, but worried that I’d spill the coffee all over the table and become an embarrassment… Well, that much is clear… no fortune teller needed to divine that I will be back!

Kabobji Middle Eastern Restaurant
3055 NE 163 St
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
(305) 354-8484

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