My Halloween Cheese Platter

01 Nov

I made a cheese platter for Halloween, and am proud enough of it to think that it should be shared and recorded fo posterity. Not the cheese itself, of course, but at least a picture of it. ; )

Upper left is a herb goat cheese log. I simply opened a pack of 4 oz log, squeezed and shaped it into a skull. Then I cut off the tips of an olive for eyes.

Upper right are supposed to be bloody eyeballs. I’ve read of them in a magazine a while back, but this is a classic case where your real end result doesn’t look half as good as the magazine photos. They are peppadew peppers stuffed with olives. I tried a variety of olives, and added some goat cheese, but they simply don’t look like eyeballs. My friends did enjoy them a lot though. Peppadews are spicy, sweet, sour and a juicy burst of flavors, balanced with briny olives.

In the center is a wedge of Mimolette, a French cheese. I picked it for its pumpkin-like orange color, and used a pen to draw the eyes and mouth onto the cellophane wrap.

Lower left is simply some cheese cubes. I used Salsa Jack for its specks of “blood”, or “vomit” if you like it gross.

Lower right is a slice of goat log, with macorna almonds and dried cranberries around it. They sell it by the pound at Whole Foods. I shaped two cranberries into evil eyes and use some preserve to draw a smile. One friend said it’s the best cheese she’s tried. That’s an overstatement, but I have to say it’s delicious.

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