My Dino Life

24 Feb

Well, I have been playing this game called Dinoparc since last May, and I have meant to post progress once in a while but never did. I admit I am spending way too much time there. It’s a game where you get these cute little animals that reminds you of pokemon, and train them with different skills and let them fight against other dinos.

Anyway, here’s one mega update.

First off, congratulations to Bambu. He’s my first dino, named after my hermit crab. He’s just turned 21 (level) so he can drink beer now after a fight!

In the past month I have gotten a bronze medal at Mt Dino tournament. We have a ladder within our clan so it wasn’t too difficult. I did it with 7 wins, 1 loss, used up 6 spells. Also used two pies to boost life which turned out unnecessary as I only suffered 7% life loss, and four sparkys. Total cost 6,600 coins.

Then those of us who got the bronze went on to the Zen Temple tournament. As there were not many dinos there the ladder went as planned, I managed through it with 5 wins, no loss, no sparky. However I brought in Ender to help complete the ladder, and afterwards recycle Bambu to be at the bottom of the ladder, to help the last dino of our group moved up to his bronze. That part cost considerably more than the first, totally painless part of getting my own medal. I used 19 spells on Ender and 13 on Bambu for the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Bokutama wasn’t quite as lucky at Dinobeach tournament. In one round my little dino, a mere level 16, went against a level 206 monster. Poor Bokutama was pulverized, 0:2428…

Anyway, Bokutama couldn’t get any headway at Dinobeach, never getting above one point. I tried sending in Ender, my second strongest at level 20, but that doesn’t help. Then yesterday I noticed that Leo, a level 9 dino with a very bad haircut, has a history of 3 wins and no loss while hiding in the tourny from the war. So I decided to try fighting him inside the tournament, and wow, he won. So, my little level 9 is a trailblazer, getting to 2 pts. 23% life left after 3 days, without spell protection… What a miracle. It may be too much to ask for Leo to go to 5 points, but at least now I less hopeless.

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