16 Jan

I am trying to pick up a few Korean phrases to use, and find this page quite useful:

When I scroll down the list, I chuckle when I read this line:

Bless you (when sneezing) (No reaction, as if nothing happened)

This has happened many times when my husband sneezes. Not only does he sneeze a lot, he is a chain sneezer.  When he sneezes in public places, my Asian friends and I will totally ignore him and carry on our conversations or whatever we are doing, but people around us (like people sitting at the next tables in a restaurant) will come forth with a generous outpour of “Bless You”, as if to compensate for our lack of sympathy.  Sometimes it makes me feel cold hearted, as if I won’t care less if he sneezes his brain out.  Nonetheless it has yet to become a reflex for me to say Bless You whenever I hear a sneeze, so my belated and weak response feels more like coming out of guilt than a genuine concern.   

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Posted by on January 16, 2012 in Asia


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