Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

14 Apr

I love going to the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.  It’s amazing to watch the artists creating such beautiful works.  The paintings by themselves are an accomplishment, not to mention the stamina and dedication required to kneel or lie on the asphalt, under the intense Florida sun, painting with little stubs of chalk, for two days.  The artists get all my respect.

lake worth street painting

Artists draw grids on their paper original so they can reproduce the work correctly on the asphalt.

I suppose the sunny weather inspires tropical theme.



This sea turtle painting is truly gorgeous!

sea turtle

Classics are popular too.

Not exactly a classic, but rather an impressionist painting of Darth Vader.

Yay, Harry Potter! Befittingly sponsored by the library.

I am curious. Will the artist’s wife be swooned over this painting, or will she complain that she looks fat/old/whatever in it?

This artist used his dog as the model. Sitting next to the painting, the dog seems quite pleased with the work.

We also saw a booth with palm frond art.

I have to say the camera doesn’t quite capture the beauty of these works. Really you have to see them in person.

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