Walle has a Fuzzy Navel!

07 May

About two months ago, poor Wall-e was feeling rather poorly.  His droppings were really watery, and he drank a lot… he was just like a water pipe.  He also started pulling his feather out. As we took him with us on a trip I thought it may be the stress of travelling, but one morning he looked really bad.  His eyes were half closed and he looked like about to topple over.  His movement was somewhat weird.  Then he started vomiting.  It was scary.  After a few minutes he looked fine, and by the time we brought him to the vet he was actually chirping.

Our vet took some blood sample, and determined that our bird is diabetic.  We couldn’t quite understand why as we are both, honestly, rather healthy human-beings.  (My friend asked me, what did you feed your bird?  McD?)

Anyway, our vet put him on Harrison’s bird diet.  I told him my bird never liked any pellet I feed him, but we really don’t have a choice.  Wall-e doesn’t like greens and other healthy veggies.  He would pick out the seeds, grains and fruits… and end up with way too much glucose and fat.

Surprisingly, Wall-e took to the pellets immediately.  I read the ingredient list and couldn’t figure it out.  I am positive there is some undisclosed stuff that makes it so addictive. Happy to say that he has improved a lot and has gained back his weight.  (He was at 25g, then dropped to 20 and now at 27g)  I was feeling guilty that all he ate is brown pellet, when I used to spend so much time cooking, chopping and mixing grains, pasta, beans, veggies, nuts and seeds for him, making sure each batch of food tastes different from the next.  So with approval from the vet I gave him a little broccoli, tofu, carrot and brussel sprout.  To my dismay he just flung them all out, apparently annoyed that such stuff has the audacity to appear in his food dish.  When I gave him back the pellet, he sang as he ate.  Oh well… so much for a meal made with TLC…

You can see his naked belly.  He does look very cute though standing on one leg.


“Hey take your camera away!”


After we changed the diet, his feather starts to regrow.  The feathers at the bottom grow out really soft and fuzzy.  It’s almost like a glow in this pic, ha ha!


Here is a clear view of the fuzzy navel!


And he’s the latest pic, taken two days ago.  Back to his handsome self, almost!



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