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We’ll Miss You, Dear Walle

Walle passed away this morning. Around 9am, in my hands. We were on the way to the vet, for the first appointment on Monday morning. In the middle of the night, I checked on him and he was on his favorite perch. This morning when I opened the cage, he didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but he climbed immediately onto my hand, unsteadily. Michael and I took turns holding him as we got ready for the trip, and held him in our hands as we rode, feeling that the cage would be too rough a ride.

Walle was perched on my finger, and then suddenly he wanted to climb up to my shoulder. He hid in my hair, but I worried that he wasn’t strong enough to stand there. When I reached for him, he lie in my hands and gently passed away…

He had been kind of quiet this past few days. Last week I had a cold, and passed it on to my husband, who had it worse than me and ended up staying home for 3 days. So when Walle seemed a bit lethargic and lost appetite a few days ago, we were like, we’re one sick family. Walle, a cute little parrotlet, was diagnosed with diabetes and other issues several years ago, but being only 26g in weight, the vet could not administer medication. (I was feeding him what should be a healthy mix of grains and greens, but Walle was a picky eater, so we ended up switching him to a pellet diet.)

We got Walle when he was about three, answering a post on Craiglist. His previous owner had became interested more in reptiles, so the little bird didn’t quite fit in. We were more than happy to give Walle a new home, though it took a while for him to warm up to us.

Walle loved corn, he loved noodles too, probably his primal worm instinct? Noodles are strict no-no for him, but he would rush over if he saw me eating a bowl of noodles. I couldn’t get him to eat any greens. Walle also never said no to a cup of tea. He loved books too: often literally tearing through the pages, haha. A major problem as I always have lots of books lying around and had to clear out the area near him.

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