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My Dino Life

Well, I have been playing this game called Dinoparc since last May, and I have meant to post progress once in a while but never did. I admit I am spending way too much time there. It’s a game where you get these cute little animals that reminds you of pokemon, and train them with different skills and let them fight against other dinos.

Anyway, here’s one mega update.

First off, congratulations to Bambu. He’s my first dino, named after my hermit crab. He’s just turned 21 (level) so he can drink beer now after a fight!

In the past month I have gotten a bronze medal at Mt Dino tournament. We have a ladder within our clan so it wasn’t too difficult. I did it with 7 wins, 1 loss, used up 6 spells. Also used two pies to boost life which turned out unnecessary as I only suffered 7% life loss, and four sparkys. Total cost 6,600 coins.

Then those of us who got the bronze went on to the Zen Temple tournament. As there were not many dinos there the ladder went as planned, I managed through it with 5 wins, no loss, no sparky. However I brought in Ender to help complete the ladder, and afterwards recycle Bambu to be at the bottom of the ladder, to help the last dino of our group moved up to his bronze. That part cost considerably more than the first, totally painless part of getting my own medal. I used 19 spells on Ender and 13 on Bambu for the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Bokutama wasn’t quite as lucky at Dinobeach tournament. In one round my little dino, a mere level 16, went against a level 206 monster. Poor Bokutama was pulverized, 0:2428…

Anyway, Bokutama couldn’t get any headway at Dinobeach, never getting above one point. I tried sending in Ender, my second strongest at level 20, but that doesn’t help. Then yesterday I noticed that Leo, a level 9 dino with a very bad haircut, has a history of 3 wins and no loss while hiding in the tourny from the war. So I decided to try fighting him inside the tournament, and wow, he won. So, my little level 9 is a trailblazer, getting to 2 pts. 23% life left after 3 days, without spell protection… What a miracle. It may be too much to ask for Leo to go to 5 points, but at least now I less hopeless.

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Cute Dinoz Contest

Having a lot of fun at dinoparc. Go Dinoz Stronghold!!

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Mame Shiba

Just discovered a series of cute commercials from Japan called Mameshiba.  The name means trivia knowledge and each episode features a very adorable bean or pea with puppy face: green pea, peanut, natto, edamame, coffee bean, jelly beans…  As the person is about to eat the bean/pea, the cute face pops up and disclose a trivia knowledge, totally ruining the eater’s appetite.  Facts like, did you know that a squid has three hearts?  Or that a flamingo’s milk is pink?  Or when you kiss millions of bateria are transferred between mouths?  Or that a koala’s appendix is two meters long.   Some unappertizing fact best discussed at another time, and the fact that your food starts talking to you… is enough t turn any face blue. 

This version here has been subtitled, and you can find more related videos on the side bar.

So very charming.  I was even considering getting a little edamame shiba cellphone charm.

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My Favorite Tote

Have been wanting this since I first saw it.  The cutest tote I’ve yet seen.  What’s keeping me?  The price… especially when I have been getting free reusable totes left and right, I wonder why I should be paying over $20 for one.  Because the cartoon is brilliant, of course.   I always like Angry Little Girls, since it s beginning as Angry Little Asian Girl.  And one day when I get a big fat paycheck I may just decide to spurge on that…

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What to Say to Your Friend on a Staycation


I have been an Angry Little Girls fan for a while. The series start out with Kim, and the title was Angry Little Asian Girl, but I suppose it soon becomes apparent that there are a lot of angry girls in every color and shape.

They have some cute merchandise too. One day I will dole out money for their cute recycle tote.

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Kasou Taishou

Stumbled upon one of the videos on Youtube and ended up totally hooked. These are short skits performed by amateurs (sometimes the reactions of the performers are better than the performance itself), from students to housewives to people of different professions, in the art of imitating something using props and their body. Many of them employ the use of stagehands, clothed in (invisible) black as used in kabuki performance.  (Though when I first saw them in a kabuki, I found myself watching those supposedly sleathy men in black  more than the performers themselves.)

This one is amazing…

Atsui (Hot)

Massage Chair

A lovely one

The reason my girlfriend got mad at me
(midway through the performance, the guy asked, why was she so mad? and the scene rewinds itself to show the reason. Very original!)

This is a medley of 30 years worth of award winners. Kind of wish to see the full version.

This is another collection. A bit sorry for the kid in superman. The girl with the head is amazing, and the Laundry in the Wind is my favorite, with both skill and humor.

This is one that makes one thinks: Crazy Japanese: Skiing

If you’ve watched Shaolin Soccer you’d love this. If you haven’t, this is the trailer, and you pretty much and find the rest of the movie following the related links.

And if you’ve ever played Super Mario, you’d love this too.

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Jack Sparrow Voodoo!

Jack Sparrow Voodoo baby

Jack Sparrow Voodoo baby


Found this Voodoo Baby on a recent trip to Disney.  (Downtown Disney to be exact)
It has the little braided goatee under its chin.  Yay! Very happy find!

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