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I went to see an acupuncturist last week, on recommendation by a friend, and got my first moxibustion treatment.

The name moxibustion comes from mosuga (艾) in Japanese, mugwort or wormwood. It’s a bitter tasting plant that is used in one of my favorite snack, kusa mochi, the green sweet rice cake stuffed with red beans. The color of the rice cake comes from blanching the leaves of the yomogi plant. The leaves are considered to warm the body and improves circulation and are rolled up into a stick or cigar to smoke near meridian points.

My acupuncturist used a safer and more convenient packaging of moxa. When she lined them up under my belly button, it looked so cool I had to snap some pictures.

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Posted by on February 9, 2011 in Body and Mind, photos


Godiva from Lush Rocks!!

godiva shampoo

This is one great product from Lush!! It smells so lovely, a burst of jasmine flowers taking over the whole room.  I don’t mean the bathroom, I mean the whole suite!  And it stays there the whole day.  We don’t even need air freshener, it’s so powerful.  So fresh and refreshing, and it smells like the real stuff, not some artificial concoction.  Okay, it’s made from the real stuff, that’s why.  It makes you wonder how anybody could be happy with those pharmacy store stuff.  You feel sorry for those folks who don’t know better. 

My hubby was like, when are we going to Lush again? Can we go next weekend? And we are talking about a four hour drive here.  He was simply adament that Godiva would be part of his life from now on…

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The Dalai Lama’s blog

Bookcrosser Therubycanary is looking for books donation in Nepal.  I was putting together an M Bag for her, when I out of curiosity click on her livejournal link.  And right there among her friends is the Dalai Lama!!

I am totally in awe to imagine counting a world known figure as a friend on your blog… I suppose His Highness won’t reject me as a friend, but that awe factor is just so… sorry but I am still speechless…

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Posted by on May 11, 2007 in Body and Mind