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BookCrossing Gathering in Hong Kong

Sorry this post is a few months late, but back on March 20, 2010 I was in Hong Kong to meet with some BookCrossers. We met at a restaurant called Brunch Club & Supper, which serves an American menu, with salad, egg benedicts, crepes, sandwiches, appertizers, coffee and the like. It was a nice meetup, with several oldtimers (azuki, ktp28 and wandering-B) since the first Hong Kong meetup (about three years ago?), and a few new faces (criminologeek, penejoe and yukihosnow). Watakeet, who was the first HK BCer I met, was unfortunately not available but was 100% there in spirit. : ) Nice chat, lots of good books piled on the table, Wandering-B brought some book thongs and Azuki some labels, so everybody went home happy.

What’s more, we found that Brunch Club has two big mahogany bookshelves. (Is that mahogany? I have no clue, just some very awesome looking wooden bookshelves.) They are full of books, mostly English titles, as this is likely a place favorited by exprats longing for the taste of home. We spoke with the manager, explained what BookCrossing is, and with her blessing the shelves are now an Official BookCrossing Zone!!!

There’s well over a hundred titles on the shelves. We put some of our books on the shelf, and needless to say, my resolution of not taking books home totally crumbled. I haven’t visited many OBCZs, but I’d proudly say that this is probably among the biggest and best OBCZs. Oh how I wish I have an OBCZ closer to home! If I were to live in Hong Kong, I’d totally haunt that place.

So now Hong Kong has its first OBCZ, and a very nice one at that. Please come by for a visit when you have the opportunity!

Brunch Club is located at:
1st Floor, 13 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2890-2125

The restaurant is an easy walking distance from the Causeway Bay MTR (subway) station.

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Cedric and Tintin

My brother just sent this cute photo of his son and his poodle.

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Baby Nephew!

Introducing… Cedric! 

Only two months old and quite a headful of hair already.

When my brother mentioned the name Cedric, my first reaction was, Harry Potter!  However, neither my brother nor my sister-in-law was a fan so they didn’t realize the connection, though numerous people have pointed it out since then.  As for the Chinese name, they had a fortune teller suggested three names based on his birth day and time.  The names were put to a democratic vote, which even my parrotlet participated by picking one of the three tiny paper balls I rolled up.

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The Very First BookCrossing Meetup in Hong Kong!

History was made as a group of BookCrossers met on June 13, 2007 for the very first BookCrossing Meetup in Hong Kong.  Present was Macaufan,  ktp28, Azuki, Wandering-B and her daughters Meghan and Caitlyn (a fine example indeed for her young daughters about the fun of meeting strangers met online). 

We met at The Tiffin Lounge at Grand Hyatt Hotel for its dessert buffet.  Ahh, does it get any better to share your favorite books over a grand marnier souffle?

Lots of books were traded, lots of calories ingested.  Unfortunately, watakeet and Modern-Goddess couldn’t make it.  Ktp28 is hoping to schedule the next meetup around September.  Anybody interested, please let him know!!

BC Meetup

HK BC LabelHK BC LabelHK BC Label

This is a label I made for the ocassion.  For the Chinese name of BookCrossing, I posted a little contest on Yahoo Knowledge and among the six or so entries, Watakeet and I liked shu you ji the best.  So that’s the unofficial Chinese name of BookCrossing.  Or official until Scott says otherwise!


Cookie in tux!

Calvin wedding

The doggies in Calvin’s wedding photo.  It took quite a bit of effort to find the tux.  We called long distance, did a bit of online search, went around the local stores, then finally ordered online to be shipped to my cousin who expressed the two doggies tux to him. 

The photographer is quite good.  Now I want another set of wedding pics!

(Actually, let me rephrase about the photographer part.  Apparently my brother and his girlfriend was totally unhappy.  On seeing the pics a second time I realized why.  The photographer was great at composition, stylish and modern.  But he forgot the most important thing about photographing brides: make her look good.  Make her look the most beautiful woman in the world.  In short, he captures nice looking pics, with less than perfect looking people. )

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Cookie Get Well Soon!

68-8-06Grand Cookie, my brother’s Pomeranian, was not feeling too great lately. An advanced age of 16, he has been in relatively good health though his eyesight has gotten very weak. Last year when I was back in
Hong Kong to visit my parents, I took him for a walk. He had a great time, and trotted proudly in the lead, never showing sign of fatigue. Because of his eyes, he was blissfully ignorant of other dogs nearby. One lady commented how well trained Cookie was and I laughed, he isn’t well trained, he just doesn’t hold any dogs in his eyes!Anyway, according to my mom, the last few days Cookie wasn’t acting right. He kept shaking his head, couldn’t walk straight, and bumped into everything. They took him to the vet. Best case scenario, an ear infection or something that affected his sense of balance. Worst case scenario, a brain tumor. He got really sick, just lying there, not moving, not eating.

My mom called me on Sat and left a message on my cell. I feared that she was to break some bad news to me. But Cookie has gotten better miraculously. He is now walking around, still blind as a bat and bumping everyway he could. My mom however didn’t give him any slack, and insisted that he has to go to the proper toilet spot for his business and somehow Cookie makes it after a few mishaps. Wow. Michael said so much for the saying of can’t teach old dog new trick. So, he is eating fine, pooping fine, and even peeing with one leg up.

My mom told me that Saan, my brother’s friend, is going vegetarian for Cookie. I said in surprise, I just started that too!! I just made a vow to go totally vegetarian, no regression, for a month on Grand Cookie’s behalf. Also to say 108 Medicine Buddha chants each day. Though some days I got so sleepy I lost count…

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The other day I told my husband that, in the morning, when I opened the garage door, there was this snake staring right at me. It’s like my third encounter with it. My husband said he’s seen it before as well.

“Well, it sounds like it lives here,” I said. “Guess it deserves a pet name?”

So Michael named it Fan. He said there is a snake shop in Macau named Snake King Fan. In Hong Kong, all snake shops are named Snake King ___, the blank filled with whatever name the owner is. And least you don’t know, a snake shop is not where you buy your pet reptile. The shop do sell them, but as food. Meat or prepared dishes, to be exact, as they don’t expect you to try butchering that at home.

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