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We’ll Miss You, Dear Walle

Walle passed away this morning. Around 9am, in my hands. We were on the way to the vet, for the first appointment on Monday morning. In the middle of the night, I checked on him and he was on his favorite perch. This morning when I opened the cage, he didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but he climbed immediately onto my hand, unsteadily. Michael and I took turns holding him as we got ready for the trip, and held him in our hands as we rode, feeling that the cage would be too rough a ride.

Walle was perched on my finger, and then suddenly he wanted to climb up to my shoulder. He hid in my hair, but I worried that he wasn’t strong enough to stand there. When I reached for him, he lie in my hands and gently passed away…

He had been kind of quiet this past few days. Last week I had a cold, and passed it on to my husband, who had it worse than me and ended up staying home for 3 days. So when Walle seemed a bit lethargic and lost appetite a few days ago, we were like, we’re one sick family. Walle, a cute little parrotlet, was diagnosed with diabetes and other issues several years ago, but being only 26g in weight, the vet could not administer medication. (I was feeding him what should be a healthy mix of grains and greens, but Walle was a picky eater, so we ended up switching him to a pellet diet.)

We got Walle when he was about three, answering a post on Craiglist. His previous owner had became interested more in reptiles, so the little bird didn’t quite fit in. We were more than happy to give Walle a new home, though it took a while for him to warm up to us.

Walle loved corn, he loved noodles too, probably his primal worm instinct? Noodles are strict no-no for him, but he would rush over if he saw me eating a bowl of noodles. I couldn’t get him to eat any greens. Walle also never said no to a cup of tea. He loved books too: often literally tearing through the pages, haha. A major problem as I always have lots of books lying around and had to clear out the area near him.

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Farewell Holly

Yesterday I learned of the sad news that a BookCrosser and BookObsesser I know, NWPassage – real name Holly, passed away.

While I have never met her in person, we’ve known each other via the online community.  Over the years, she had sent me books and I her.

I read her blog, and her post on Dec 31 2011 brings tears to my eyes –

“The internets tell me that following a diagnosis of stage IV stomach cancer, on average a person lives 6 months without treatment & a year with. So my six months are up. If I’d lived a hundred years ago, I’d probably be dead or nearly so by now. So everything from here on out is a gift from modern medical science. And I am grateful. But also greedy. I want more, all the life I can get, damnit! But I’ve also more or less, most days, come to terms with the fact that the length of my life is pretty much out of my control. True, that’s the way it is for most of us, but most people have the luxury of ignoring that fact at 33 – I don’t.

What this whole stupid fucking cancer experience has driven home to me, is that I love my life. I like vegging out, puttering around in a house I love. Cuddling with the most amazing man in the world on the couch, watching our stories. Harassing my cats. Curling with Team Awesome & hanging out with my friends. Going to work Monday through Friday with great people. Visiting my family. Traveling with my honey, whether it’s somewhere exotic or just to the next town. This is what I want, for as long as I can have it.

It’s funny, I always thought I had all this wasted potential, that someday if I just got my shit together I’d do something amazing. But maybe it’s OK to just enjoy this quiet little life, and never set the world on fire. Maybe just enjoying each day is more than enough.”

On BookObsessed, we decide to have a Read-a-thon in June in her memory.  For those of us who have books on our TBR shelf from her, we will read them during the Read-a-thon.  Otherwise, we will pick something that she liked, some books she had enjoyed reading, by checking her Permanent Collection shelf on BookCrossing.  We will also do a fundraising (usually by how many books the group will read) and donate the money to a cancer cause.

I can’t think of a more befitting way to honor a fellow booklover.  Please join us in this read-a-thon!

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2012 in Review

Really love this feature from  Didn’t post as much as I’d like this year; kept snapping pictures and thinking, I should blog this, and never get around to.  Hopes for 2013!

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Goji Leaves

A few days ago when I went shopping at the Chinese grocery store, I found some goji leaves.  I don’t remember seeing them here in the past.  In fact, I haven’t seen this vegetable for a long, long time.  All I remember was when I was a kid, my mom would make a soup with it, and I would absolutely hate it.  The leaves have a certain bitterness and like bitter melon is something you have to develop a taste for.  

I suppose it’s nostalgia that made me pick up a pack of goji leaves.  We decide to make a soup with it.  Usually it’s cooked with liver and goji berries, to make a soup super-packed with vitamin A.  


It’s my first time preparing this vegetable myself, and I didn’t realize that there are thorns on the stems.  At first we gingerly plucked the leaves one by one off the stems, until my husband remembered how his grandma used to just run her fingers down the stem and the leaves will come off easily.  Hence preparation became much faster.  

The leaves are supposed to be added to the soup at the last minute, as they are tender and wilt easily.  This type of soup is called  “Gwan Tong” quick boil soup, in contrast to the other type that cooks for hours at lower heat “Bo Tong”.  Unfortunately my husband didn’t remember that part of his grandma’s cooking and I was busy preparing other dishes.  Therefore when I turned around, the leaves had turned yellow already.  It’s still delicious enough and next time hopefully we’ll be more successful.  The leaves can also be stir-fried as well.  From what I found online, the leaves are as much as nutrient superstar as the berries, and are a rich source of lutein, lycophene and other antixidants. 

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The Race To Own The Arctic

Read an interesting article about te Arctic today.  I have thought that it’s just a giant piece of ice up north (that is melting because of global warming) but this article sure teaches me some intriguing facts. 

On one hand, routing transportation of goods from Asia to Eastern America and Europe via the Arctic can save lots of mileage and hence fuel; on the other hand, I can’t imagine what all the traffic will do to damage the polar bear and other animals’ habitat.  

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What Type of Cheese I am?

Found a cute litte site with this test.

Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?


And I don’t even like blue at all.   So, I tweaked the results a bit (for those questions where my answer wavered among choices, I decided to play around a bit.  Not exactly cheating, as hubby called it.)  I found that if I wishes to visit Switzerland instead of France, I becomes a Swiss cheese. (which I suppose make a lot of sense.)


Which I guess is not totally off, just that I hate that Swiss is an American imitation of Swiss Emmenthaler. And Swiss cheese, whether from Switzerland or America, is not exactly my favorite either.

So, what cheese am I? 

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I feel lucky whenever I glance at a clock or something and catch a special number. Like, looking at a watch and seeing my birthday. Or the other day my CD player said Track 22, 2:22. I would think, today is a lucky day!

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